Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the latest and greatest trend today to improve your looks. If you’ve ever fantasized about fuller, longer eyelashes, and have been less-than-impressed with mascaras that claim to plump and lengthen your lashes, then lash extensions could be the long-awaited answer to your dreams.

Mascara commercials also use models whose eyelashes have been extended with the application method, because no mascara will give you the result you can see in mascara commercials.

Today you also have the opportunity to get eyelash extensions…

Just as hair gets thinner by the time, eyelashes do as well and a great way to prevent that is by extending your lashes. Big fans of this procedure are people who wear glasses in their everyday life as the mascara often smudge the lenses and it is difficult to clean off. Therefore, unarguably we can say that lash extension is a casual procedure, just like getting your nails extended with gel or acrylic method or applying a permanent makeup. That all is done to shorten and lessen the hassle of daily makeup procedures.

How does this procedure work?

It works like this - one artificial lash is applied to one of your real lashes by using a special glue intended particularly for this procedure. Similar to the way one would get hair extensions… This lash would hold on for up to 3-4 weeks, then you need to get a touch-up, to get new lashes attached, as you know, lashes fall out, i.e., change, therefore the artificial lashes also fall out along with the real ones.

Why should you get lash extensions?

First of all, the extensions look very natural. Professionally applied silk fiber hair creates thick, long, curving lash effect and nobody will have the faintest clue about them not being real.

Second, you don’t need to use mascara any more. You look beautiful early in the morning as well as late in the evening and even at night… No more "raccoon eye" effect…

Third of all, it is an ideal option for parties and travel, business trips and simply for women who want to look groomed all the time.

Pretty Picks for Eyelash Extensions

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