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Hello All:

This will be my 4th Japanese straight perm. After 2 really bad haircuts from my previous stylist I needed to find a new salon ASAP! Kaen actually fixed the bad haircut as well. She tells me in the back I actually had a section thinned so badly that it was like hair was "missing" arggghhhh!!!

After looking online for a while I decided to try KAEN because they have really good hours of operation (open until 10pm on Fridays!!!) and they must be good at Japanese straight perm because it is a Japanese salon. I had cut of all my long hair last year (why?????) and am growing out the dreaded "INVERTED BOB". Since all the straight perm is cut off it was time to get it redone.

The process started out very well. I was comfortable, they offer you drinks and plenty of magazines to read. It is calm and relaxing there. I have been to other salons specializing in straight perm where you feel like a herd of cattle and one stylist is straightening 4 women at the same time. One stylist does your entire treatment at Kaen which is nice.

Once the treatment was done the stylist cuts your hair as well to blend in the blunt ends. Well, I hadn't gotten my hair straightened with it being on the shorter side in 7 years. I panicked a bit because shorter hair is lighter and I thought it looked fuzzy. It is not fuzz...shorter hair/layerd hair when permanently straightened can be staticky until it completely dries. Once I got home and it was completely air dryed and settled it was smooth, soft and straight.

They even gave me a conditioning treatment and conditioner to take home because I was worried about the static. Which I confused with fuzz at the time.

I will go back for cuts and straight perms and prices are good.

Here is their website: www.kaenvancouver.com

So overall 2 thumbs up and don't panic about the static if you have shorter /layered hair. It goes away completely.


I have long, naturally curly european hair that I love getting blown out into voluminous curls. I am very picky and loved what they did at Kaen. The shampoo was a beautiful apple scent and then they dried my whole head and barrel curled curled into a super hollywood starlet stlye. Very happy and have been back a few times :)

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